Dimension : L150 x W27 x H86 mm (Heatsink Only)

Weight :150g (Heatsink Only)

Recommended Fan :70mm ,80mm ,92mm Fan

Important Note: In order to install HR-07, you will have to remove the heat spreader on your memory module. However, Thermalright is not responsible for any problems or damages that may occur during the removal of memory heat spreader. Users will be at their own risk. If you are not sure or do not know how to remove/uninstall your heat spreader, please contact your memory manufacturer for instructions 

Question :What is the difference between your HR-07 RAM cooler and other RAM coolers? It seems that a lot of clip type heatsinks are for show only and don’t really do much. Can HR-07 really cool those RAMs?
Answer : Indeed a lot of RAM coolers do not really do much except for cosmetic purposes resulting in even worse heat dissipation. The actual wattage put out by the RAM is small, but as heat is gathered over time, it can still be scorching hot to the touch. Using the traditional clip-type heat spreader either in aluminum or copper draws the heat but does not dissipate fast enough to keep the RAM chips cooled. HR-07 takes after the above features (good and bad), and the result is a true RAM cooler that cools!.
Question : How does the HR-07 mount on the RAM? What type of retention mechanism does it utilize? Is it by way of adhesive tapes?
Answer :HR-07 utilizes a flexible clip-type mechanism to mount on the RAM. Fixed clip-type mechanism found on many BGA RAM coolers often destroys memory chips because of the tremendous pressure exerted onto the chips. HR-07 with its low-adhesive, heat-conductive padding ensures a tight fit without the worry of the above problem.
Question :Why does the HR-07 need two heatpipes? Do the RAM modules really run that hot? Does the HR-07 allow me to overclock the RAMs?
Answer :RAM with memory chips found on both sides are often of bigger memory type. When Overclockers turn up the voltage on their RAMs, the heat gets intensive and with one heatpipe, it is just not enough to bring down the temperature fast enough and hence, dual heatpipes. With HR-07, just leave the temperature problem to us and we’ll leave the overclocking to you, the Overclockers.
Question : I saw on the HR-07 compatibility list for DDR1 and DDR2. The news is that DDR3 will be released soon. Will HR-07 be compatible with DDR3? What about for those sealed up RAM chip type in DDR1 TSOP?
Answer : Since DDR3 has not been released to the market yet, and based on limited resources, we know that the upcoming DDR3 will have the same basics as the DDR2. The only difference is in the increased frequency in DDR3. HR-07 will still be able to handle them with ease. As for TSOP sealed type RAM, HR-07 can certainly be installed with no problem.
Question :On your website you stated that HR-07 works in pairs. What is the maximum number of HR-07 cooler that can be installed on a motherboard?
Answer : We based our design of HR-07 on what is now considered a standard, Dual channel memory. A motherboard usually have four memory slots, the maximum number of HR-07 can be installed is two in sequence of either slot 1/slot 3 or slot 2/slot 4. Since the distance between the memory slots varies from board manufacturer to board manufacturer. Therefore, we based the HR-07 on the shortest distance to adjust to the longest.
Question : Does it matter which direction to install the HR-07? Is there a recommended way to maximize HR-07’s cooling ability?
Answer : There is no particular direction to have the HR-07 facing. But to get the best efficiency out of the heatpipes, it is better to have them in a “U” position when stood upright. However, it is not vital to have it that way. In the case of a long VGA card (ex. EX ASUS EN7600GT) with the possibility of hindering the installation of HR-07, you will have to turn it around to a “∩” position.
Question : I have purchased other brands of RAM coolers and they all used methods of double sided adhesive tapes that ended up tearing up the warranty label and thus voiding my manufacturer’s warranty when I tried to uninstall. Does HR-07 have the same problem?
Answer : Traditional RAM coolers do not usually have good surface contact with the memory chips, and so they used double sided tapes as part of the solution which creates a problem when the warranty labels get torn. For this reason, we used low-adhesive thermal padding to ensure that your warranty stays effective. Of course, you still have to be careful and use good common sense when you install or uninstall.