Metal Bright



Metal Bright can be applied on aluminum/cooper/stainless steel/metal/plated materials

Volume: 50ml

Color: creamy white

Ingredient: Metal cleaning wax


Question : How to clean my metallic products with Metal Bright?
Answer : Apply Metal Bright the same way like the car wax, please see below for your reference.
1. First of all, wipe off the dirt with clean cloth, from the surface of your metallic product, to achieve better cleaning result of the Metal Bright.
2. Apply Metal Bright with dry cloth or tissue paper onto the metallic surface and let it work on the surface for 3~5 minutes.
3. Wipe the surface with the cloth / tissue paper, this will take out the fingerprints and stubborn dirt, and form a protective shield on the surface, to prevent further oxidation.


Question : What does Metal Bright made off? Will it hurt my skin?
Answer : Metal Bright are specially made cleaning wax for the metallic materials, it’s totally non-toxic, and will have no effect on skin, but please keep away from children to prevent swallowing of Metal Bright.


Question : What kind of metallic material may the Metal Bright applied?
Answer : Metal Bright can be applied on aluminum/cooper/stainless steel/metal/plated materials, plated materials will have even more shine.